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Playgrounds in Almere

Almere is a city with many children and therefore it is not surprising to find a climbing frame and slide on almost every street corner. But Almere has several larger playgrounds as well. In Almere Haven there are two:

In Almere Buiten is all covered Kids Playground, ideal for when it rains:

In the centre of Almere is an even larger indoor playground, called Kids eiland Almere:

Unlike Kids Playground, at Kids eiland one always (that is, every day and at any time) pays the same rate for toddlers.

The Beatrixpark in Almere Stad (Muziekwijk) is a spacious park with a playground, petting zoo, skating and miniature golf courses.

On city estate "Stadslandgoed De Kemphaan" children can frolic in the Zuiderzee Speelbos. With its size of 9 hectares, this is one of the largest play areas situated in a forest in the Netherlands. There are four playgrounds with different themes: the water play area (including pull ferry and islets), the picnic spot, the sand pit, and the nature study area. On this city estate is a small-scale playground as well, where all play equipment is made of natural materials. In the labyrinth, children can go all wandering around in search of the watchtower.

In Almere Buiten is play island "De Meridiaan". This adventurous play area of 1.5 hectares is mainly made of stone, water and wood. Children have participated in its design. The play island is primarily intended for children between 7 and 14 years old. Children can climb the wooden watchtower or cross the water over boulders. Play island "De Meridiaan" is located in the Seizoenenbuurt in Almere Buiten, between the outer ring (Buitenring) and the Maurice Garinpad, and admission is free.

Children's farms and city estate "Stadslandgoed De Kemphaan"

City estate "Stadslandgoed De Kemphaan" is a wonderful place where the whole family will enjoy. Kids can play at the "Zuiderzee Speelbos", the "Speelhof" and the labyrinth: all playgrounds made of natural materials, like wood, water and rocks. And how about watching monkeys at Stichting AAP (a monkey sanctuary) or eating pancakes on the terrace of the pancake restaurant? In the so-called "Landgoedwinkel" (farm shop) is a beautiful desert and jungle garden including iguanas, snakes, squirrels, rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs and several types of birds and fish (the entrance fee for the desert and jungle garden is approximately Euro 2.50 per person). It's possible to buy a packet of food for the fish and turtles and feed them yourself. Near the farm shop is a cowshed, where you can take a look at the cows.

There is also a petting zoo with sheep, pigs, and goats. At fixed times carers tell about the different animals.

In Almere there are a few other children's farms as well. At children's farm "de Stek" in Almere Stad various activities are organized, such as the sheep shearers festival in the spring, a Christmas market and craft workshops. Children can, on certain days and for a small fee (about 1 euro), make a round with the pony cart or a horse ride.

At the children's farm in Almere Buiten kids can pet rabbits, sheep and goats. There are also birds, pigs, horses, pony's and a Dexter cow. They could even feed the goats and sheep, if you buy a bowl of food (at a cost of about 50 cents). There are also annual festivals such as the Spring / Summer festival, and occasionally children (under supervision) can make a horse ride (which costs about 1 euro).

The children's farm in the Den Uylpark (adjacent to the Beatrix Park in Almere Stad) is a small, but beloved children's farm. Young animal lovers can pet goats and rabbits. Other inhabitants of this petting zoo are pony's, pigs, sheep, chicken and sometimes cows. It is not allowed to feed the animals.

The opening hours of children's farm "Kinderboerderij Den Uylpark) are as follows (according to their website on 11 July 2016):

    Tuesday/Friday: 10 am to 12 pm and 14-16 pm
    Saturday and Sunday: 14-16 pm (closed on Mondays)

I spy with my little eye...

Is it a cake? No, it's "Het Klokhuis", a cake shaped building in Almere Poort designed in the context of a children's TV program by - yes! - a child! The foundation "Stad & Natuur" regularly organizes both fun and educational activities for children in this special building. The address of the "Klokhuis" is: Dettifosspad 7 (Almere Poort).

In Schouwburg Almere (Almere's Theater) (Almere Stad) both young and older children can see diverse theater.

At Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film sometimes theater performances and films are shown which are suitable for children. Corrosia is based in Almere Haven.

In theater and cultural center De Glasbak in Muziekwijk (Almere Stad) various arts get together. In De Glasbak diverse (amateur) performances, workshops and cultural events take places, including theater performances for and by young people.

At Schipperplein 4, in the new city centre, is the small PIT, an interactive exhibits about safety. PIT is the result of the merger of the Dutch Police Museum and the National Fire Brigade Museum. Hence, you can admire beautiful old fire engines and police vehicles. Unfortunately, admission is rather pricey.

The well-known family movies of the moment can be seen in large cinema Utopolis Almere in Almere Stad (city centre).

Occasionally, children's films and family shows are shown in the Nieuwe Bibliotheek (New Library). In addition, children have the opportunity to play videogames (small fee) and attend creative and educational workshops in the various affiliates of the Nieuwe Bibliotheek, that is, in Almere Stad, Almere Buiten, and in Almere Haven. For toddlers, there is a weekly (free) reading half hour in each location.

Ready for action

Cool kids can have fun skating on the skating rink in the Beatrixpark (Almere Stad). A miniature golf course, called "De Beatrixboekaniers", is also located in the Beatrixpark (entrance fee).

There are two pools in Almere, where you can swim for recreation. On some mornings, the little ones can go for infant and toddler swimming. The two pools are:

In Almere Buiten there's Bowling Almere, including 24 lanes and the opportunity to buy snacks and drinks.

There are numerous events and festivals organized in Almere which are (also) fun for kids. How about watching dozens of Oldtimers in the city centre at the annual Midland Classic Show? In winter, there's the opportunity to skate on an ice rink in the centre of Almere (Schipperplein and Forum). And of course you might want to visit the funfair or circus sometimes. On city estate "Stadslandgoed De Kemphaan" (address: Kemphaanpad 1) several fun events take place each year, for instance the "Zomerfestival" (Summer festival) and "Horse & Outdoor". In order to get more information about events and festivals in Almere, please contact/visit the Almere tourist board ("VVV Almere") (address: De Diagonaal 199, Almere Stad/city center).