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Building Experiment De Fantasie

In 1982 foundation 'De Fantasie' (Imagination) organized a competition called 'Ongewoon wonen' (Unusual Dwelling). The assignment was to design an unusual house, entirely fit to one's personal needs and wishes. The house would exist for five years only, because in this way construction rules could be avoided.

From 142 entries, 10 winners were selected. Their award? A parcel of 450 square metres at the southern lakeside of the Weerwater, where the winners could realize their own imaginative design and live their dreams.

The result of this competition, which was open to everyone, is a cluster of unusual houses. Unlike the initial plan, these experimental houses still exist, because of the many visitors they attract ever since they were completed. And most of the winners of the competion actually still live in their unusual home.

Psyche. Architect: René van Zuuk
Woonhuis met gastenverblijf (2001). Architect: Jurgen van Staaden
Hard Glas. Architect: Benthem Crouwel Architekten
Boven de Zeespiegel. Architect: Jan Wagenaar & Hans Weijsenveld
Campus. Architect: Hans Slawik
Polderblik. Architect: Teun Koolhaas
Cargo. Architect: Michiel van de Palen & Peter Claassens
Ibis. Architect: Michel Koolen
Building Experiment De Realiteit

After the success of building experiment 'De Fantasie' the same foundation, De Fantasie, opened another competition in 1985, called 'De Realiteit' (Reality). Again, the intention was to construct temporary houses, so that the imagination of the competitors would not be restricted by regular construction rules.

This time, 17 winners were selected from 185 entries. They were allowed to realize their design on a parcel at the southern lakeside of the Noorderplassen.

Like the imaginative houses of 'De Fantasie', these houses were supposed to last 5 years but thanks to major world-wide attention they still exist.

Other than the houses of 'De Fantasie', however, these houses are not fit to live in. Therefore, their designers tend to use them as a holiday bungalow nowadays.